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Birthdate:Jan 18
"It is in the study of 'beasts which perish' and the study of 'things unseen and eternal' that we learn what we are ourselves."

~ Jesse Saxby, 1893

Interests (60):

albinism, archaeology, automata, bad guys, bear cult, berserking, collecting sea-gifts, corvidae, curses, dragons, enlightenment, explosions, fallen, feminisim, feyfolk, fire, firefly, gaming, gayness as a superpower, giant trees, holocene juniper colonisation, horse face and ox head, ichor, igors, imaginary hussars, jiang shi, kalevala, karkadanns, kasa-obake, kikituks, kites, language, liminality, melnibonéans, meteor hammers, moths, non-western gender concepts, nōtan, onomatopoeia, pan's labyrinth, queer theory, ragdolls, rain, re-enactment, shamans, shiny, siberia, siege weaponry, tea, templars, tolkien, tupilaks, unicycling bagpipe vader, vampire watermelons, waldemar & dina jochelson, wendigos, xerophytes, yaks, yule goats, zithers.
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