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In an attempt to make words happen - and even better, words about elves - I am going to be posting a commentary series whilst reading the Silmarillion. It may not be comprehensable to non-fans, and may additionally contain references to Nerriméan perspectives which will confuse those of you who haven't encountered my deep-elves; you have been warned.

Capitalised Concepts ahoy.

I - Ainulindalë : Gods Singing

Wherin One externalises His thoughts and has them sing a world for Him. Introducing Melkor, who mistakes the harmony of perfection for a really really long Black Metal intro, gets bored of it and attempts to launch into a solo with power chords, thereby dooming Creation.

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Next up, the Valaquenta, then into the Slimarillion proper.

*Tolkien specifically notes that the Valar have gender even when they wear no flesh, so we assume One identifies as and thus is male. Whilst a few Christians are known to believe their God is literally a male entity and the Western gender binary was so entrenched in the era of writing he may have thought Eru had to be one or the other, I think this is JRRT quietly practicing his theory of sub-creation. That is, implying that whilst Eru may be a shade or reflection of Tolkien's own Catholic God, as many a monotheist holds the better aspects of other peoples' gods to be, Eru isn't quite the Infinite/omnipotent and shouldn't be absoloutely equated with It/Him.


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