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Because it never rains but it hails blood and frogs, a reference post for those who need it right now.

What do you mean 'male priveledge'? You have a job, and I live in a cardboard box in the middle of the road!

Well, congratulations for giving our first example: you get to have the view that your individual circumstances negate your inherent priveledge because society treats men as individuals and women as a kind of general mass, subject to the kind of tokenisim usually affecting minorities. You still have it better than if you were a woman living in a cardboard box in the middle of the road, and if you had a job, it would be more secure and better paid than mine.

Male priveledge is the things you can do in this society, and I cannot.

Like what?

A Selection )

...and many, many more. That's just a selection of the most obvious in the world's least deprived nations. Sometimes, you the guy might experience one or two of these. However, you have the priveledge not to experience all of them, all the time, no breaks, no safe spaces, no holidays.

The thing is, society is made up of everyone. That's you, that's me - that's all men, all women, and the odd hermaphrodite. So you don't get to opt out of social problems.

When they're mostly caused by men, "I'm not one of those doing it" cuts about as much ice as it would from me sitting on a rock smoking a pipe whilst a mob of my people spitroasts your baby cousins. "I'm not one of those doing it, why expect me to do anything just because they might listen to me? Jeez."

Now, if I was a halfway decent person, I might get off my boulder and stand up to keep those remaining infants from the pain and death my tribe decided to visit on them for being there. I wouldn't claim that because I had the habit of sitting facing away from the firepit, heinious things were for sure not happening there. I wouldn't consider simply looking at what was pointed at and considering it could be a real problem for you, rather than immediately, instinctively, coming to my tribe's defense ("It's tradition! Some old guy who probably knows said we've always done it this way! Some of my people get minor burns doing it!") as an amazing act of heroisim, though it would be a good start.

I can't disown my people or shed the genes I was born with, but I can help. Not pick you up and whisk you away to where you can't see the massacre either, not speak for you without listening and get you a pile of corn in place of your cousins, but roll up my sleeves, look upon what my kin have done, and damn well go down there.

Whoever sent you to this post, that's all they're asking of you.

Disclaimer: I am going to get the inevitable slew of 'you're seeing it wrong', 'women oppress women too' and 'right on! - but what about the men? Can we talk about men now?' comments from this, but I am not remotely up to dealing with them at present, so comments will be tackled sporadically if at all. Which doesn't mean - to the leavers of such - that because you can bully me to exhausted silence, that you are right, just that I'm mortal and one person who can't, in fact, make a perfect, immediately world-changing argument for 3 billion people, (or even the few million in the First World).


Jun. 26th, 2013 17:41
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It shows how little news really does get over the Atlantic that I didn't hear about Senator Davis' 13-hour stand (literally) against the State of Texas until this afternoon. Reckon there are some American heroes left after all.
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For the sake of tomb occupants everywhere, please take a look at/ signal-boost this. Archaeology is a science, not a white card to dig holes in other people's heritage!


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